“The philosophy of the creation of the logo/ mark was to combine the kayak as a floating boat with fashion. Our research showed that traditional kayaks were made of stitched leather. So the concept was to design a kayak skeleton and for the logo to be printed below in strict typography to give the prestige of the company. The needle that goes through the typography signifies fashion and simultaneously it’s associated with the construction style of classic kayaks, which were sewn by hand. The label on the outside of the store was made with three-dimensional letters with two inscriptions, a large vertical and a horizontal above the door. The keel above the door was made of neon material in order to give it a more modern touch to the design. The facade of the building was dressed in white and black matte vinyl sticker, a material that gives vitality and light to the store. Putting a sticker on the front of the building with the “disorderly” inscription of the characters that form the word KAYAK creates a clever optical illusion to passers-by and imprints in their minds the name of the shop. Moreover, this specific “cover” for the facade was chosen for its minimalist design proposal.”

Designed by Cursor