“To complement Lead Dog’s new brand identity, the company required a simple yet unique media kit. Having dealt with other companies’ overly complicated self-promos, a simple stylized look was desired. In order to contain multiple items effectively, a customized folder was created to hold a collateral book, white papers and a business card in place securely.

“Starting with some bristol board and not much else, a dummy was constructed then destroyed and then constructed again. The finished folder contains a pocket on one side for white papers, a slit on the opposite side for the back cover of the book and slits for a business card. The final kit is both extremely versatile and creates a nice first impression.

“The Lead Dog logo is a clean abstraction of an “L” and a “D” that form a strong, easily identifiable mark. On the business cards each person who works at Lead Dog received an illustration of their choice of a different breed of dog. This reflects each person as an individual in the context of working towards a common goal. From logo to media kit to business card the final result demonstrates a cohesive marriage between sophisticated style and a touch of wit.”

Designed by BoyBurnsBarn