“Mei Yen has the best kind of problem to have: a multitude of skills. Her many talents means that it is difficult to sum up her capabilities succinctly. We designed personal branding that embraces her many facets, at the same time organising and simplifying the information.

“The design reflects the retro styling of her publication, Brisbane Budget Bites, with oblique shapes and vintage type style. We dismantled the font Hellenic Wide into two overprinting plates which required pinpoint accurate registration, a breeze on our Original Heidelberg Windmill.

“We approach every job individually and there are no set rules at The Hungry Workshop, so for Mei Yen’s cards we printed them two-up (two at a time) instead of our usual four-up (four at a time) to suit the full sheet size. To take advantage of the two-up printing we printed two variations on her contact details at no extra cost, one focussing on her Brisbane Budget Bites brand and the other on Swallow Books. The cards were printed on Beer Matt Board 390gsm, our most economical stock, in two overprinting colours and finished with die cut rounded corners.”

Designed/Printed by The Hungry Workshop