“Translating to ‘three-fold’ in Japanese, Mitsuori is a boutique Melbourne-based architecture studio. The concept of the identity derives from a literal interpretation of ‘three-fold’. Through experimentation, we developed a folding system from a single A4 sheet of paper that uses only three folds. The outcome was the triangular-shaped fold that was used as the cornerstone of the identity. The 45-degree fold was then applied to the business and with-compliments cards, enabling them to stand freely and representing an architectural form. The collateral was printed on a dark-grey-coloured stock, with six passes of white ink on an HP Indigo printer. The result, a refined uncoated stock with unique matte printed finish.

“The fold concept was also applied to other brand applications, including the website and studio signage. Creative direction for the development of a responsive website was also provided.”

Designed by Hunt&Co