“The state Museum of Photography in Thessaloniki, Greece, is a museum with very creative people based in a very interesting old industrial building in the dock of the harbor. The need was to create a symbol, unique, compact, identifiable, contemporary and irrelevant with the initials of the museum’s name. In every photograph taken there is at least one person, the photographer. The actual moment of the shooting, when the selection of the frame and the subject are being made, has some common elements in every take: the eye, the framing, the perspective, the targeting. Those keywords and the images they create, lead to the visual outcome of the consisted of the two forms: the circle that was inspired from the eye and the shape of the lens and the other shape that was inspired from an eye (of the photographer) that blinks at the time of the click and from the emoticon of a blinking eye. So both shapes together are the two eyes of the photographer; one shut and the other one open. Along with the logo the frame is used as the additional element that defines the visual language of the identity. It is used as void in order to let the user frame his own theme. A new typeface was designed to accompany the other elements in order to give originality to the whole ID.”

Designed by Beetroot